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The App Layer
for Bitcoin

Echo is a new sidechain platform to build applications and smart contracts that work natively with Bitcoin.

Why Echo?

Echo's infrastructure allows developers to build applications and services for the worldwide, digital, next-generation financial system, where users can transact freely, with privacy and sovereignty. Welcome to the bitcoin app layer.

Fully Programmable

Build bitcoin-powered financial applications like DAO’s, lending, derivatives, and stablecoins.

Scalable and Secure

Echo's infrastructure is designed for millions of users while maintaining decentralization.

Built for Developers

Works with more programming languages & tools, including Solidity. Build engaging, frictionless user experiences

Building on Bitcoin's Value Layer

The Times 03/Jan/2009 Chancellor on brink of second bailout for banks

Why Build on Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is the best digital store of value ever created - a borderless, censorship resistant, secure, transparent asset that requires no trusted third parties. More than 10 years after it's creation, Bitcoin is still here -- and growing stronger every day. Bitcoin's economic policies are set in code and the social contract of all bitcoin users.

Bitcoin Price Since Inception (Log Scale)

Bitcoin is a trusted store of value because it is difficult to change. Protocol changes require consensus from the developer community, miners, the business ecosystem, and users.

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The Technology

Bitcoin Sidechain

Use bitcoin as the native currency with Echo to build bitcoin-powered apps. Build decentralized finance apps that work with Bitcoin, the currency of the Internet.

x64 Virtual Machine & EVM

Write applications and smart contracts in the languages you choose - including Solidity, C++, Go, Python, Rust, and more. Works with your favorite libraries, compilers, IDEs and tools.

PoWR Consensus

Fast, final and scalable BFT consensus using proof of weighted randomness (PoWR). EchoRand uses a verifiable random function (VRF) to randomly select a pool of block producers and block verifiers based on their stake to validate each new set of transactions.

Get Started

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About Echo

Echo's mission is to enable a new financial infrastructure that gives people around the world the opportunity to interact with economic freedom and independence.

Echo was created in 2017 by Pixelplex, a leading international blockchain development firm and BTC Inc, the world's largest Bitcoin-focused media company.

Alexei Dulub Echo

Alex Dulub

Co-Founder, Echo

Tyler Evans Echo

Tyler Evans

Co-Founder, Echo

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