Building a Sovereign Financial Ecosystem

Echo is a network for creating sovereign, decentralized applications that work with Bitcoin. Echo is advancing the usability, flexibility and functionality for smart contracts.


Echo's mission is to enable a new, sovereign digital economy built with Bitcoin. We're building the infrastructure for an economic system that empowers all with the opportunity to interact with freedom and independence, creating abundant innovation, prosperity and growth.

Build with Bitcoin

Build bitcoin-powered financial applications - DeFi for Bitcoin, with no new tokens required.

Easy to Use

Works with more programming languages & tools, including Solidity. Build engaging, frictionless user experiences


Echo's infrastructure is designed for millions of users while maintaining decentralization.

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Build DeFi with Bitcoin

Echo allows developers to build decentralized finance ("DeFi") apps that integrate with Bitcoin, yet with the speed and flexibility of a high-performance smart contract protocol.


Create stablecoins collateralized by Bitcoin -  e.g. MakerDAO with BTC.


Build prediction markets or derivatives that settle natively in BTC.


Earn a yield on BTC by  providing liquidity to BTC-collateralized loans.


Trade BTC and other assets peer to peer on a decentralized exchange.


Download an Echo Wallet


Echo Network Features

PoWR Consensus

A Self-Decentralizing Consensus Mechanism

Fast, final and scalable BFT consensus using proof of weighted randomness (PoWR). Echo uses a verifiable random function (VRF) to randomly select a pool of block producers and verifiers based on their stake to validate each new set of transactions.

x64 Virtual Machine & EVM

Multi-language Smart Contract Support

Write applications and smart contracts in the languages you choose - including Solidity, C++, Go, Python, Rust, and more. Works with your favorite libraries, compilers, IDEs and tools.

Bitcoin Sidechain

Build Decentralized Apps with Bitcoin

Use bitcoin as the native currency with Echo to build bitcoin-powered apps. Build decentralized finance apps that work with Bitcoin, the currency of the Internet.


Build on the Echo Network

Run an Echo Full Node

Download and sync the Echo full node to begin staking and participating in consensus.

Read the Echo Consensus Paper

Fast, final and scalable BFT consensus using proof of weighted randomness (PoWR).

Deploy a Contract in 10 Minutes

Visit the Echo documentation and tutorials to get started. Convert an existing Solidity contract in minutes.


A javascript Echo library for node.js and browsers


The Python Echo library can be used to construct, sign and broadcast transactions and to easily obtain data from the blockchain via public APIs.

Desktop Wallet

An Electron app that allows you to create, manage, and import an Echo account, deploy and interact with contracts, and send and receive assets.

About Echo


What is Echo?

Echo is new network for running decentralized applications ("smart contracts") that interact with the Bitcoin network.

Why build with Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is the most used, most valuable, and most liquid cryptocurrency. Rather than competing with Bitcoin as a store of value or currency, Echo integrates with Bitcoin to enable new types of complex applications.

How does Echo work with Bitcoin?

Echo implements a 2-way pegged sidechain ("bridge") that allows users to deposit, withdraw, and use BTC with applications on the Echo network.

How is the sidechain secure?

Echo uses a dynamic, open committee rather than a fixed (private/permissioned) federation of known companies to secure the sidechain. Because of this, Echo improves the trust model and security of the Bitcoin bridge.

How can I use Echo?

Download an Echo wallet to begin sending and receiving assets, deploying and interacting with decentralized applications, and participating in network validation.

What's the status of Echo?

The Echo network is live and running on the "Amplitude" alpha network, which is undergoing an external audit. Echo has been under development for 24 months.

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Core Contributors

Alex Dulub

Tyler Evans

Viktor Pulyak

Maxim Ignatow

Roman Asadchiy

Vladimir Lebedevich

Dmitry Siziakin

Andrei Grod

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